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ok it early....i just had the idea...EVIL RPG PART 1

*we begin the story with our evil killers, cronopshere,mokgi, and kwawlind. They are on a quest to destroy the Light Warriors.*

cronopshere: lvl 100 Dark Knight
Mokgi: lvl 105 Evil Samuari
Kwawlind: lvl 96 Undead Bard

cronopshere: God Christ dammit. I am gonna kill you if you dont tell me where they went.

TOWN LEADER: I dont know! they came here, bought some stuff, and said they went to lvl up.

kwawlind: Well, now we know. *kills the town leader* MWAHAHAHA!!!

STRANGE VOICE: YOU THERE! Stop what you are doing and face us...the Light Warriors.

mokgi: HUH!? That was easy. NOW U DIE!!

*with this the battle between the Light Warriors and the evil killers has begun. The battle is...the most pathetic thing youve ever seen. All the light warriors being only at lvl 50 each. Are quickly defeated. Sonta, the knight/fighter, was slain by kwawlind. kwawlind charged Sonta and hit him on the head with his harp, stunning him. Then kwawlind kicks him in the nuts and takes out a dagger, and slices his throat. As blood squirts out of Sonta's throat, he collapses dead. MuKuGlagYa, the wizard, was defeated by cronopshere. MuKuGlagYa charged cronopshere and cast ICE 800. Doing no dmg at all cronopshere laughed and ripped off the head of MuKuGlagYa. At that time the black belt, named Vicar, charged at cronopshere. Seeing it coming, cronopshere sticks out his sword and plants it into Vicar's stomach. Pulling the sword out and then re-sticking it in his chest, then repeating 1000 times. Vicar is dead and so is MuKuGlagYa. Mokgi was succesful in killing the red mage, named BoB. Well...all mogki did was whip out his samuari blade and sliced him in half, then into 1/4, and then to 1/8 and so on.*

cronopshere: Well...that was too fuckin easy. We just beat the whole game in like.....10 minutes.
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