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cronopshere's Journal
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in cronopshere's LiveJournal:

Thursday, July 29th, 2004
12:52 pm
read my old posts biatches....i found some funny.
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003
8:58 am
ok ppl. i am here to tell you all that cronosphere is the gayest mother fucker around and that mistressmari kwalwind mogki and all of cronosphere's friends....are all gay ass mo fos and u all should die.

Current Mood: bitchy
Thursday, January 9th, 2003
8:30 am
ppl y do u nvr comment to my entries..?? is it because i am so evil and u are all jealous!!??

Current Mood: bitchy
Monday, January 6th, 2003
10:42 am
hello ppl
ok i am here, i havent been updating as much as i should, but thats bc i am doing some very evil things. I have been planning for some time on taking over the world. So all u ppl better be careful and WATCH ur backs!!

Current Mood: excited
Friday, December 20th, 2002
8:06 am
cronopshere: Who the fuck are you??

?????: I am Sabin. I will Bum Rush YOU!!
*does Bum Rush*

*as he starts his Bum Rush, cronopshere unsheaths his sword, and as Sabin closes in on him, he dodges the first bum rush strike, swings around, and cuts off Sabin's leg. Sabin falls to the floor and cronopshere stabs him in the head to kill him.*


kwawlind: BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!! *dies*

cronopshere: What the Fuck! KWAWLIND!!

Shadow: HAHAHAHA!! My ninja skills have killed your friend. hahaha- *cronopshere charges Shadow and slices off his head. Shadow falls lifeless to the floor.*

*uses phoenix down on kwawlind*

kwawlind: Whew...THank y- *dies*

mokgi: GOD dammit!
Edgar: I am edgar, king of figaro.
Locke: And i am Locke master treasure hunter.

cronopshere: And i am your death. *charges edgar and locke, they scramble and begin to assault cronopshere. He easily blocks all of there attacks, and soon grabs locke. Holding him by the head he begins to twist his head, soon it breaks, but still he twists, soon he rips it off. With edgar enraged and charging at cronopshere, cronopshere throws the head of locke at edgar. It hits him in the head and knocks him out. mokgi walks over and crushes edgars ribs and collapses his lungs.*

*uses phoenix down on kwawlind*

kwawlind: o boy thanks ag- *dies*

cronopshere: What the fuck now!??

Mog: Kupo!
GoGo: I will mimic u all.
Cyan: i will AVENGE MY FAMILY!!!

Mokgi: I grow tired of watching u fight cronopshere. *shoots a kamehamefartabla beam at them and kills them all*


*uses phoenix down on kwawlind*

kwawlind: God christ dammit im tired of dieing. *sigh* so what ar- *dies*

Terra: I am terra, i shall destroy u all. Me and my friends.
Strago: I am a Magi knight, Die!
Relm: GRRRR ILL paint you.
Setzer: We stop you now!
Gau: Me whoop you.

mokgi stars blankly

mokgi: Well, i dont think so. *cast inferno and the entire party in engulfed with flames and they all die.*

*uses phoenix down on kwawlind*

kwawlind: Finally.

Kefka: MWAHAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA! I want to thank you evil ppl. I was working on killing all of them and you completed the task for me.

cronopshere: ya no problem, off to Final Fantasy 7.

Current Mood: high
8:02 am
all you ppl will die, i shall slay all of you. i will take my sword, stick it in your stomach, rotate it, and as i pull it out, i will raise it upwards. So DIE!

Current Mood: cynical
Tuesday, December 17th, 2002
9:45 am
i feel like...doing something....

Current Mood: calm
8:52 am
cronopshere: Well...shit guys. We already killed the heroes of FF. Now what??

mokgi: Lets go to FF6 and kill them.

kwawlind: Sounds good.

* The party sets out for the world of FF6. Using a mystical device that allows them to teleport from world to world. They arrive in FF6 after the destruction of the world.*

cronopshere: Well shit. THis place is pretty much a friggin wastland. MWAHAHAHA! Heroes in herre!!?? hahaha

mokgi: Shut up you fag. Christ. Well lets go look for em.

*thats it for this one*

Current Mood: sore
Friday, December 13th, 2002
2:37 pm
ok it early....i just had the idea...EVIL RPG PART 1
*we begin the story with our evil killers, cronopshere,mokgi, and kwawlind. They are on a quest to destroy the Light Warriors.*

cronopshere: lvl 100 Dark Knight
Mokgi: lvl 105 Evil Samuari
Kwawlind: lvl 96 Undead Bard

cronopshere: God Christ dammit. I am gonna kill you if you dont tell me where they went.

TOWN LEADER: I dont know! they came here, bought some stuff, and said they went to lvl up.

kwawlind: Well, now we know. *kills the town leader* MWAHAHAHA!!!

STRANGE VOICE: YOU THERE! Stop what you are doing and face us...the Light Warriors.

mokgi: HUH!? That was easy. NOW U DIE!!

*with this the battle between the Light Warriors and the evil killers has begun. The battle is...the most pathetic thing youve ever seen. All the light warriors being only at lvl 50 each. Are quickly defeated. Sonta, the knight/fighter, was slain by kwawlind. kwawlind charged Sonta and hit him on the head with his harp, stunning him. Then kwawlind kicks him in the nuts and takes out a dagger, and slices his throat. As blood squirts out of Sonta's throat, he collapses dead. MuKuGlagYa, the wizard, was defeated by cronopshere. MuKuGlagYa charged cronopshere and cast ICE 800. Doing no dmg at all cronopshere laughed and ripped off the head of MuKuGlagYa. At that time the black belt, named Vicar, charged at cronopshere. Seeing it coming, cronopshere sticks out his sword and plants it into Vicar's stomach. Pulling the sword out and then re-sticking it in his chest, then repeating 1000 times. Vicar is dead and so is MuKuGlagYa. Mokgi was succesful in killing the red mage, named BoB. Well...all mogki did was whip out his samuari blade and sliced him in half, then into 1/4, and then to 1/8 and so on.*

cronopshere: Well...that was too fuckin easy. We just beat the whole game in like.....10 minutes.

Current Mood: devious
7:56 am
mwhahahahaha i am alive...all of you cronosphere fans shall now be reduced to a pile of ash. I shall begin my of my EVIL rpg soon. EXPECT it to be up and storyness going in like 2 weeks time.

Current Mood: cynical
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